Friday, August 3, 2012

Citrix Xenapp 6.5 Installation step by step procedure

1. Document Scope:

This document describes the procedure to perform an initial setup of Citrix XenApp 6.5 on a Windows Server 2008 R2.
To support a globally centralized service desk it is necessary to follow this basis document’s procedures. This provides a similar Citrix environment worldwide with differences in view regional based configurations only, but nearly the same behaviour.
2. System Requirements
•    Ensure that a new database for the new XenApp 6.5 farm is available on the SQL server hosting Citrix datastores in your environment
•   Install XenApp 6.5 on the first server in the farm and perform the initial configuration.
•   Install XenApp 6.5 on member servers and perform additional configuration as necessary.

3. XenApp 6.5 installation
XenApp 6.5 Wizard based installation:-
To installing XenApp it is recommended to use the Wizard-Based Server Role Manager.On the installation media, double-click autorun.exe. The Citrix XenApp installation menu launches. Select Install XenApp Server. 
The Server Role Manager launches and checks if any roles are already installed

Select “Add server roles”. The server roles manager pops up with an edition menu. Select “Enterpris Edition” and continue.
 Confirm the License agreement. Tag “I accept.....” and click “Next”
 Choose common role XenApp  and continue with “Next”.
Do not choose any subcomponents click “Next”
The XenApp installer is checking for pre-requisites as shows a list of the missing on you system.

Confirm and continue.

The next screen displays all parts of the installation that will be performed.
Click “Install” to proceed.

The progress and finally the status of the installation will be confirmed with the next info.
Confirm with the “Finish” button. The installation is done. Now it’s time to perform a basic configuration.

Specify Licensing:- Click “Specify Licensing” within the server configuration tasks.
Enter the License server for your environment and check if the mentioned server is accessible.
Click the “Test Connection” button and the configuration will be confirmed with the popup window below.
Select license model “XenApp” and apply the settings.
Licensing is preconfigured now.
Create a new farm
The XenApp Server role manager has one configuration left. Click configure to continue. 
Create a new farm if this is the first server. The server will be automatically setup in controller mode.
Define the name of the farm which should appear in your configuration and set the account you are logged in as the first Citrix administrator account.

Here we need to provide the SQL database instance hosting the Citrix datastores, the database name and the database service account.  (Datastore details will provide once we have those information)

Enter the data and click next.

Enter the credentials of the service account configured for accessing your database  on the SQL server instance.  

The credentials below are an example:-

Perform a connection test.

A valid configuration will be confirmed like shown below.
Click ok to leave the datastore configuration.
Configure advanced settings

Keep the default settings for shadowing and confirm with the “Next” button.

Specify Data Collection settings. The fist server must be a Controller and therefore this setting cannot be changed. Use a custom zone name. Provide a speaking name for your zone as it is needed in a twin data center configuration to spread the farm of 2 DC’s.
Keep in mind that 2 controllers must be configured per DC.
Do not configure the Citrix Receiver settings on the XenApp Server. Leave it empty and continue.
Deselect “Add Anonymous Users” and “Add the list of users from the Users group” and select only “Add the Authenticated Users” as shown below. Click “Next” to confirm.

The screen below gives you an overview of what has been configured with the previous steps.
Click “Apply” button to proceed this settings .

After the configuration has been applied you will be informed like the next screen. All successful part will be shown green flagged.
The XenApp Server Role Manager displays the status of your installation.
Reboot the server and you are done.

Confirm to perform a reboot.
Congratulations! Your server has passed  installation and configuration successfully.
Uncheck “Do not show this windows at logon” .

Installation complete!!  


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