Monday, June 18, 2012

Take full control of devices, apps and data

From chaos to control.
Learn how to eliminate mobile and cloud chaos with an enterprise app store.
IT departments are grappling with a chaotic environment marked by exploding device heterogeneity, app proliferation and data fragmentation, all while trying to keep people productive. It’s easy to see how IT is losing control over devices, data and users. Now, with Citrix Unified Storefront you can build a secure enterprise app store and turn chaos into control:
Simplify IT with a single point of control over all apps, data, devices and users
Protect apps and data with context-aware security controls that deliver content based on role, device, location and network
Empower users with a single point of secure access from any device to all apps and data whether virtual, web, SaaS or mobile
Boost productivity with a personalised, self-service enterprise app store that seamlessly follows users from device to device
Unified Storefront delivers an enterprise app store and a more secure and agile business in just four easy steps.Learn More.

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