Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Citrix Concepts made simple.

CITRIX training

What is Citrix?

Citrix is application delivery from a centralized location.
e.g.: Application, desktop, content

End users see only the Jpeg updates or image updates, mouse click and keyboard touch.Processing and the memory and disk usage happens on the server side. Jpeg image updates transfers over the WAN. Citrix uses very less band width. Citrix uses ICA protocol. Port number used by ICA protocol is 1494


Citrix Data collector is the first server in citrix farm. We should not install any application on Data collector server. Collects Dynamic information – current session information, info keeps changing, current licensing usage information. Each farm will have one primary and secondary or backup data collector.

Reason for having backup data collector: If the primary Data collector goes down the secondary Dc will act as data collector.

Citrix Data store: Published application info, Printer driver info, no of servers in the farm, load balancing information.

Local host cache: contains the local copy of the entire data store information. IMALHC.mdb, i.e., Microsoft access database file.

Whenever we add any new server or application, the datastore synchronize with LHC. Every 30 min the LHC will synchronize with datastore.

How to recreate the LHC:
Run this command “DSMAINT RECREATE LHC” on the command prompt.

Manual refresh - DSMAINT REFRESH LHC

To point the new database server in citrix server
DSMAINT CONFIG usrname pwd servername

FARM: Collection of servers in different zones.

Zone: Depends on Geographical location

To run Citrix applications, we need Terminal services in Application server mode

There are two modes: Application mode, Install mode

During Citrix installation, change to install mode, “Change user /install”
Change user

Change user /query – give you the mode type

Types of connections:
Web interface – Using Web-interface users and admins can access
1. There are two types of authentication
  • ·         Pass-through
  • ·         Explicit

2)Citrix Program Neighbourhood
3) XenApp plugin (old Citix ICA client)

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