Friday, October 30, 2009

IMA Service issue.

Error message: The requested resource is not available,

After finding what App the user is accessing.

Found the server, on which the application is Published Greece.

Logged into the server, performed

C:\pskill imasrv.exe

Restarted service.

C:\netstart imaservice

If the citrix DB (LHC) size is large - perform compact and repair database.

In our case the LHC size was 46mb, performed compact and repair in MS Access, and reduced size to 15 MB.

Try to kill and restart the IMA service.

Still if there are issues, in restarting the IMA service.

Recreate the LHC. First stop the IMA service and then recreate the LHC.

C:\dsmaint recreate lhc

This will recreate the LHC, then start the IMA service.

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